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With over 15 years of experience in the dynamic hospitality industry, I have established myself as an expert and passionate professional. My career began in the management of hospitality facilities, culminating in my current role as an operations director at a prestigious 5-star hotel. This career trajectory has equipped me with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the hospitality sector.

In parallel, I have cultivated a fervent passion for web marketing and website creation. This interest has translated into the development of simple, effective, and quickly implementable digital solutions. I firmly believe that, in today's digital era, every craftsman, freelancer, small or medium-sized enterprise can benefit from the immense advertising showcase that is the web. My expertise extends to providing tailor-made web marketing solutions that reflect the unique needs and vision of each client, always accompanied by my contagious enthusiasm.

My approach is based on actively listening to clients' needs and proposing innovative and customized digital strategies aimed at enhancing your business in the online landscape. If you are looking for a reliable and competent partner to develop your digital presence, I am here to help.


Contact me, and together we will explore how to enhance your business in the digital world.

Gabriele Natale Chi Sono
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A Fast and Straightforward Website

Creating a website is the foundation of everything.

Whether you have a small business or are a craftsman, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will find yourself facing the need to have a website, a window of advertising with enormous, infinite potential. This will allow you to make yourself known far and wide, to reach customers who would otherwise be difficult to approach with your products or services.

Key Features of a Website:

  • Loading Speed

  • Readability

  • Usability for All Users

  • Immediate Information Accessibility

  • Attractive Aesthetics

  • Functionality

  • Updatability

  • Adaptability to Different Devices


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

I have the knowledge and experience required to offer you a variety of customized services to meet your every need and exceed your expectations.


A Fast and Straightforward Website


Targeted Web Marketing


Social Media Presence


Detailed reports and statistics


Targeted Web Marketing

Getting your website known is everything.

To start at the beginning and then expand, online marketing is the necessary tool to create your network of contacts.

There are various types of advertising campaigns, but all have the same starting point: studying the target audience, the so-called 'target,' that basket of people you want to address.

Once that's clear, off we go!

Marketing Strategies:

  • Identifying the Right Medium

  • Focusing on the Target Audience

  • Planning a Periodic Budget

  • Determining the Type of Campaign

  • Regularly Checking Progress

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Social Media Presence

You are there, always.

You have already created a website and are expanding your network of contacts through advertising on portals and social networks.

At this point, it is essential to present your services or products to as many people as possible.

You need to create interest and ensure that the famous 'word of mouth' gets going, which remains to this day the optimal way to initially develop a business.

Social Network Activities:

  • Creation of a Company Page

  • Development of an Editorial Plan

  • Content Marketing Strategies

  • Creating Interactions with Users

  • Feedback from Real Customers


Detailed Reports and Statistics

Monitoring progress is a constant.

All forms of targeted marketing involve spending money, on various platforms most of which are "pay per click". On this, there are many opinions (as there should be), but I have mine: if used well, it's indispensable.

Through monitoring systems, it's essential to carefully analyze the stored data and check whether the strategies adopted are the best available or if it's better to implement others.

Data Analysis:

  • Analyze Statistical Reports (Web Side)

  • Analyze Sales

  • Verify Incurred Costs

  • ROI Analysis

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Recent Significant Collaborations




Planning and Launch of the 4*L Boutique Hotel

In my key role in the launch of a 4*L Boutique Hotel, I combined strategy, creativity, and organizational management to turn a vision into reality. My responsibilities and achievements include:

  • Website Development: Creating an elegant and functional online platform to maximize visibility and bookings.

  • Pricing Strategy: Implementing a dynamic pricing model, optimizing revenue based on market and demand.

  • Innovative Marketing: Launching digital and promotional marketing campaigns to enhance the hotel's profile and bookings.

  • Organizational Efficiency: Coordinating internal operations to ensure exceptional service and a high-quality customer experience.

This project has represented and continues to be an exciting challenge, culminating in a significant increase in bookings and recognition for service excellence.


Santarcangelo di Romanga


Specialist in Web Design and Development for the Graphic Sector

  • Innovative Design: Creation of an aesthetically appealing and intuitive website for Imago Fotolab, a professional graphic printing lab. The design approach highlights the visual quality of the printed products offered, facilitating navigation and user interaction.

  • SEO and Responsive Design: Complete optimization of the site for search engines, ensuring optimal visibility on Google and other engines. The responsive design ensures perfect viewing on mobile devices and desktops, essential for attracting customers in the graphic printing sector.

  • Impact and Results: The implementation of customized web solutions has contributed to a significant increase in traffic and user engagement, highlighting the quality and professionalism of Imago Fotolab. The site serves as an effective showcase for the lab's unique capabilities and is attractive to new customers.

Cutting-Edge Technologies: Use of state-of-the-art tools and frameworks to create an exceptional and dynamic user experience, reflecting excellence and innovation in the field of graphic printing.


Figline e Incisa Valdarno


Web Design and Development Specialist

  • Intuitive Design: Creating a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website.

  • Technical Development: Implementing front-end and back-end solutions for optimal performance and functionality.

  • SEO and Responsive Design: Optimizing for search engines and perfect display on all devices.

  • Successful Projects: Developing web solutions that have led to a significant increase in traffic and engagement for clients.

Using cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional digital experiences.




Launch of the 5*L Farmhouse with Restaurant, Bar, and Wellness Center

Role: Business Organization and Sales & Revenue Manager

  • Business Strategy: Effective coordination of restaurant, bar, and wellness center operations, ensuring high-quality service.

  • Sales Management: Developing innovative sales strategies, increasing visibility and revenue.

  • Revenue Optimization: Implementing revenue management tactics to maximize profitability.

  • Successful Launch: Key contribution to the launch of a distinctive luxury experience, with excellent customer feedback and optimal sales performance.

Focus on exceptional customer experience and high-level business results.






Marketing and Development of Two Hospitality Facilities - Hotel Group

Focus: Marketing Strategies and Business Growth

  • Branding and Identity Development: Creating and implementing targeted marketing strategies for each of the two facilities, emphasizing their uniqueness within the group.

  • Integrated Marketing Plans: Managing both digital and traditional marketing campaigns to increase the visibility and appeal of the facilities.

  • Performance Optimization: Analyzing market data and adapting strategies to maximize occupancy and revenue.

  • Successful Launch: Active participation in the launch of the facilities, leading to a significant increase in recognition and bookings.

Executing effective marketing strategies to successfully position both facilities in the competitive hospitality market.

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Tel: (+39) 349.4741852

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